English language services from native speakers

Matthew Kahn

Making Learning a Pleasure

I have been teaching English in Luxembourg for 20 years and have been lecturing at the University of Luxembourg for 5 years where I give courses in English as a foreign language and computer skills.

My objective is to help my students improve their English in practical ways. Making lessons enjoyable and interesting also makes them more useful; students learn better that way. This means focusing on what they like and feel is most important. Usually these are:

  • Building fluency and confidence at work and in general conversation
  • Social English for lunches, conferences etc.
  • Emails and reports
  • Reading and discussing news articles
  • Using Microsoft Office to correct spelling, grammar and punctuation

Previously, I taught in Japan and was Head Teacher of the Berlitz School in Namba, Osaka. Before qualifying as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language, I worked in Silicon Valley in California making prototypes for the IT industry.

My studies at the University of Connecticut in the United States were in English and Sociology.

My clients in the private sector include major banks; small accounting and fiduciary companies; as well as sales representatives and account managers.

For enquiries or further information please e-mail me at [email protected]

Business Courses

Rates (TVAC)

Individual and Two Person Business/General English

€40 - 50 per hour

Group Business/General English (3-4 trainees)

€50-55 per hour

Group Business/General English (5-6 trainees)

€55-60 per hour

Language Training by Telephone

€25 per half hour

E-mail writing course - 6 hours (up to 6 trainees)


Private Students


Individual language training

€35 per hour

Two person language training

€20 per person per hour