English language services from native speakers

Diana Geimer

Originally from New Jersey, USA I have more than twenty years' experience of teaching English in both Luxembourg and France. I have worked with students in the finance, accounting and engineering sectors among others, in both group and one-to-one settings.

As well as business courses, I have also tutored, and enjoy working with, private students of all ages - including children and retired people.

In all cases I believe the most important thing is to help people feel more confident with English, to build vocabulary and to develop students' cultural understanding. Having lived and brought up my family in France, I have a good knowledge of life in both the United States and Europe.

Although my mother tongue is English, I am also a fluent French speaker and have a good knowledge of Italian and Spanish.

For enquiries or further information, please e-mail me at [email protected]

Business Courses


  • Individual Language Course

€45-50 per hour

  • Group Language Course

€50-60 per hour

  • Conversation practice by phone

€45 per hour  

Scheduling and course objectives flexible to meet client needs

Prices include all materials, assessment and evaluation

Private Students


 Individual Tutoring (all ages)  

 €35 per hour

Telephone based tutoring (adults)

 €30 per hour